Dizziness or Blackouts

Dizziness. or a feeling of light-headedness, is a common symptom. Whilst is can be caused by heart or blood problems it may also be caused by problems within the inner ear causing vertigo (where the room spins) or neurological problems. All may need investigation.

Low blood pressure may cause dizziness, and this can be due to medication, which should be reviewed.

Blackouts caused by the heart are called 'syncope'. The can be due to the heart going too fast with palpitations, too slowly, or in some people the control of blood pressure may be an oversensitive leading them to faint (vasovagal or neurocardiogenic syncope).

When the heart is too slow (bradycardia) it can be corrected with a pacemaker.

There are various general and drug treatments for vasogagal episodes or faints depending on their severity and frequency.

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