Lifestyle Modifications

All of us should lead a healthy lifestyle. Where there is no disease known this is called primary prevention and can help to avoid problems in the future. For those who have already had a problem it is equally important and we know that by leading a healthy lifestyle the chances of further problems can be significantly reduced.

  • A healthy diet  - eat a low fat and low salt diet
  • Weight Loss - being overweight puts extra strain on your heart. Discuss weight loss options with your doctor and follow his advice.
  • Stop smoking (or don't start!) - this is very important and your risk from heart disease does down rapidly as soon as you stop. It can be very difficult to stop, so do see your doctor if you cannot stop as there are various options that can help you. You will immediately lower your risk of heart disease as soon as you quit.
  • Exercise- increasing your physical activity helps your heart, reduces your risk and can help with stress and a general feeling of well-being. Start slowly and gradually increase, though always check with a health care professional before starting  a new exercise program.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this website is up-to-date and accurate. However, it is intended to serve as a guide only. Symptoms may vary and if you have any medical concerns you should always consult a healthcare professional.